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Erin Kahn guides donors at every stage of their philanthropic journey. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Erin Kahn Consulting can help bring your philanthropic vision to life.


For more than twenty years, Erin Kahn has served as a trusted partner to philanthropists to guide them in achieving their goals.  She was a founding staff member at Social Venture Partners Seattle where she helped educate and inspire emerging donors.  As the founding executive director at the Raikes Foundation, she worked closely with the co-founders to shape and operationalize their giving.

She can help new philanthropists and seasoned donors alike to clarify their vision, frame strategic options, adopt sound decision-making practices and catalyze their impact with joy.  Erin is versed in a broad philanthropic toolkit and knows the nonprofit sector deeply, knowledge which helps her clients get further faster.



While all donors want to have a big impact, Erin Kahn Consulting brings a customized approach to meet each individual’s unique needs and stage of development.

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